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Applications in water treatment industry

PVDF hollow fiber membrane have many good properties including health safety, high flux, fouling resistant, easy to wash, corrosion resistant, long life, good filter precision, and PVDF hollow fiber membrane is widely used in many fields such as chemical industry, drinking water, food industry, electronic industry, petroleum industry, iron and steel industry, etc.. Water treatment equipments based on PVDF hollow fiber membrane always show some properties including few energy consumption, high separation efficiency, simple processing and few pollution.

1¡¢PVDF hollow fiber membrane

Porosity: above 80%

Flux of pure water: 1552L/m2h@0.10MPa

Tensile breaking force: 167CN

2¡¢Column module based on PVDF hollow fiber membrane

With fouling resistance, chemical resistance, column module based on PVDF hollow fiber membrane is easy to be washed by chemicals which lead to long life and low operating cost. Contact area: above 1500m2/m3