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Applications in photovoltaic field

1°ĘSolar cell carriers

The solar cell carriers and accessories based on PVDF(Polyvinylidene fluoride) are designed for square solar cell silicon wafers, with the sizes of 103°Ń103mm, 125°Ń125mm, 150°Ń150mm and 155°Ń155mm. The carriers intended for processing of solar cells can be used in most wet processing systems, and support the suitability for automatic handling and manual handling.

With high rigidity and strength, precise control of dimension and weight, the carries show excellent durations in wet processing systems at a temperature up to 150°ś. Based on high purity PVDF, the carriers have no effect on the purity of washing chemicals. Design of the carriers can aviod scratch on the surface of silicon wafers during wet process.

Wafer size£¨mm 103°Ń103 125°Ń125 150°Ń150 155°Ń155
Capacity£¨piece2525 2525
Length£¨mm 143.5143.5144144
Width£¨mm 128152179185
Height£¨mm 123149178184

2°ĘBacking sheet for photovoltaic modules

With excellent strength, weather resistance, UV resistance, and moisture barrier properties, the backing sheet is used to protect solar cells of photovoltaic modules.

The product is composed of three laminations(PVDF/PET/PVDF). The outer lamination of PVDF show good resistance to weather and UV, the middle lamination of PET show excellent moisture barrier property, and the inner lamination of PVDF show good adhesion to EVA.

Item Unit Test Method Value
1°ĘSheet structurePVDF/PET/PVDF
Thickness of PET¶Őm GB/T13541-92250

Thickness of fluorine containing


Total thickness¶ŐmGB/T13541-92340
2°ĘPeel strength
EVA/Sheet, normal conditionN/cmASTM D-1876 180°„Peel°›40
EVA/Sheet, 85°ś & 85 %RH N/cmASTM D-1876 180°„Peel°›40
EVA/Sheet, after UV treatmentN/cmASTM D-1876 180°„Peel°›40
PET/PVDF, normal conditionN/cmASTM D-1876 180°„Peel°›6
PET/PVDF, boiling water, 24hN/cmASTM D-1876 180°„Peel°›6
PET/PVDF, 85°ś& 85%RH N/cmASTM D-1876 180°„Peel°›5
PET/PVDF, after coolheat cycle N/cmASTM D-1876 180°„Peel°›5
PET/PVDF, after vapour freezingN/cmASTM D-1876 180°„Peel°›5
PET/PVDF, after UV treatmentN/cmASTM D-1876 180°„Peel°›5
Sheet/silica gel, 85°ś& 85%RH -15Kg/30mincan not peel off
3thermal shrinkage, MD/TD%ASTM D-1204£¨150°ś/30min°‹1
4°ĘThermal weight loss%GB/T13541-92°‹0.25
5°ĘVapour permeationgm/m2.dayASTM F-1249£¨38°ś/100%RH°‹0.30
6°ĘDisruptive voltageKVASTM D-149°›18
7°ĘPartial dischargeVDCIEC60664-1°›1000
8°ĘYellow index £®UV 1000h£©-ASTM E313-05°ųb°‹2
9°ĘTensile strengthMPaASTM D-882°›40