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Shanghai Jofur Advanced Materials Co. Ltd., located in the New Economic Park of Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, is a Hi-Tech company with products made from advanced fluoroplastic as its major business.

products developed by Jofur based on PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) with high quality are widely used in the fields including photovoltaic modules, chemical processing industry, building, iron and steel industry, water treatment, communication field, shipping, aviation, etc.

Jofur focuses its main attention on research, develop, manufacture and sales of Hi-Tech products made from advanced fluoroplastic. Many PVDF products with high quality have been developed according to customer's requirement, and all the products based on PVDF show excellent properties of PVDF materials, including chemical resistance, weather resistance, anti-ageing, anti-corrosion, high rigidity and strength.

Jofur has established a manufacture system with advanced machines for material processing, quality control and new products development, which is now certificated by ISO 9001 and ISO 14000. products based on PVDF can be customised according to customer's drawing, mold tool and other request.